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Race B week 15 of Marathon L2

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    Currently, I’m training using Marathon L2 plan, and I was invited to local Half Marathon race on week 15. Good that it falls under the suggested Race B week.
    But there is still a question I have:
    I understand how to adjust Friday and Saturday workouts to get kind of mini taper.
    However, week 15 Sunday workout is depletion run with 2:40 duration which is totally different from HM race. For me it’s slower and over 1 hour longer and zero calories comparing to HM.
    If I need to compensate that difference between HM race and RD5 workout? Any other modifications to standard Marathon L2 plan required?
    Thank you!


    What is written on Planning Your Race Season

    For example, if a 3-hour training day is replaced by a half marathon event, the athlete should either complete the scheduled hours for the day with a long cooldown, or schedule slightly more volume earlier in the week.

    Does it mean I need to add something like RF29 same Sunday?

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Don’t sweat it. Virtually any single workout in any training plan can be replaced with something different without negatively affecting the final outcome. Yes, a half-marathon race is different from a depletion run, but they are both big, challenging sessions that will push your marathon preparation forward. There’s no need to try to make up for it. That being said, because the Steady State Run scheduled for Tuesday of Week 16 is more like a half marathon than a depletion run, you might want to replace it with a shorter depletion run, as the Steady State would be too much too soon anyway.


    Thank you very much for your swift response on this, Matt. Much appreciated!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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