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Race moved up

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    Hi David,
    I am currently at the end of week 7,(feeling really good)of the level 3 marathon plan from the 80/20 Running book. I was planning on racing the Hamburg Marathon on Sept. 13th. Due to the current situation, I feel it’s too much of a risk running in a larger international marathon at the moment. My new plan is to race a very small marathon 8 days earlier on Sept. 5th. (Saturday)

    My plan would be to skip week 8 and go directly to recovery week 9. I have never run from a training plan or the marathon distance for that matter.
    How would you change the final 2 Taper weeks for a Saturday race?
    I would completely understand if you tell this is to big of a change for the Forum and I should use the plan customization option.
    Thank you in advance for any tips/advice


    David Warden

    Ed, very kind of you to consider the work behind answering a custom plan request! But, we’ve offered a “Plan Customization” forum, so this question is not only fair game, it’s welcome.

    I recommend not changing the week before the final week at all. It does put your Long Run Speed Play 3 a day closer to your Saturday event, but we make up for that with changes in the final week.

    For the final week, replace the Wednesday Foundation Run 5 with the Speed Play Run 5. Move Recovery Run 2 to Friday and Marathon to Saturday.



    Thank you for the super fast response! I’ll do that and let you know how it goes 👍🏻

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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