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Race Pacing with Power

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    I’m new to power running. I have just laid in a plan for a 1/2 Marathon in April 2022 and after inspecting the elevation profile I will face a couple of hills at 11% grade.

    My initial observation with power is that when I expend a lot of power on a hill my elevated heart rate will persist. I presume that is to clear the lactate from the effort to “charge” uphills. I did a 5K this past July with a hill at the start and my heart rate never recovered and I struggled to maintain a sub threshold pace; a lot of effort for a mediocre result.

    Curious to know what others may be doing to “throttle” the uphills with pace or power to manage their races.


    Charles – Once you determine your racing power target for a particular distance, the idea is to try and maintain this for the duration of the race. Within reason and with flexibility, of course. This means, holding roughly the same power output when going uphill or downhill. The same power target would result in a slower pace when running uphill and a faster pace running downhill. In my experience, the easier uphill pace is more than enough of an adjustment to keep the hills from being aerobically difficult.

    Doors this answer your question?


    “Does” this answer your question…

    That’s what I get for responding from my phone!


    Thanks Alan –

    I’m not inclined to manage this race by power alone. An out and back race I will face the hills both up and down. When running uphill I fear for my race; when running downhill I fear for my life…

    What do cyclists do? Is there a power sweet spot for climbs that might apply here?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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