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Race specific training in last 5 weeks

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    I’m in the last 5 weeks of my level 3 IM 70.3 plan, and I’m doing the long bricks each Sunday now (3hr bike with 4x30mins zone2/x intervals and a 1hr run). Given COVID and travel restrictions to the USA from Europ I probably won’t be doing the world championships in Utah, but luckily can focus on IM 70.3 Aix en Provence which is the same weekend instead (deferred twice!).

    This race has a mountainous profile with 3 big climbs that add up to about 1100m ascent in total, with gradients between 4-8+%.

    On my long bike rides should I adapt the CAe8 ride to reflect this? I’m in the mountains right now and have rides that can simulate the course. Should I push it on the hills to simulate race conditions or keep the power to the 4x30mins@zone 2/X? Best bike split indicates power up to 270 watts (just below my FTP at 279] on the steep gradients.



    Matt Fitzgerald

    Here are some general guidelines for making such adjustments:

    How to Adjust Your 80/20 Training Plan for a Specific Course or Conditions

    In your specific case, you definitely do want to turn a couple of those last long rides into race simulations. If that means you’re adding a lot of intensity to these rides, you should take a bit of intensity out of the first workout preceding the ride and the first workout after it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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