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Race Week Half Iron Level 2 question


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    Race Week for 70.3 World Champs I am traveling on Wednesday 9/15 (so probably not able to train that day) and the men’s race is on Saturday 9/18 not Sunday as assumed in the training plans. How would you adjust the Half Iron Level 2 race week (week 19) schedule to allow for these circumstances? I was looking at the schedule and my first pass on an adjusted schedule was this:
    M-CF9, RFF4
    Tu-SSI1, SCI1
    Wed – nothing (travel)
    Th – Brick of CFF4,RF3
    Fri – STa1, CRe1, RTa1
    Sat – Race

    But I then wondered whether moving CFF4+RF3 to less than 48 hours before the race is too much too close to race day. Alternatively, I could do CFF4+RF3 on Tuesday, move the SSI1+SCI1 to Thurs, but then I’ve got CF9+RFF4 (the last 10 mins of RFF4 being the issue) and CFF4+RF3 on back to back days Monday-Tues – is that too much on race week? Maybe there is a better solution?


    David Warden

    Ted, excited for your race!

    This is an example of choosing between multiple good options. There is more than one effective way to setup that final week. I personally would do the following:

    Monday – CF9
    Tuesday – SSI1, RFF4
    Wednesday – Off
    Thursday – CF3 (not on the schedule that week, just 30 minutes Zone 2)
    Friday – STa1, CRe1, RTa1

    You’ll miss a couple of workouts, that Wednesday off throws a kink into it, but that schedule works well.



    Awesome! Thanks for the guidance!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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