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Race Weight Plans – For Master Runners?

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    I read with interest David’s comments to Heather along with the accompanying articles.

    I’m not interested in losing weight, I’m already outside the guidelines outlined in Matt’s book. However, the description of the plans caught my interest as an elderly runner. The plans seem to address common issues that are of particular interest to senior runners; i.e. strength, nutrition, and general health.

    The description of rebalancing of the 80/20 ratios seems to address issues that I am seeing in my own training. I’m getting weaker on the hills.

    My question is: can the Race Weight plans be performed on a sustainable basis? I’ve been hobbling together race plans to maintain a high lever of health/fitness even though I am not particularly interested in racing more that once or twice a year. It would be nice to have a general plan for master runners to follow; at least until the competitive urge returns….

    David Warden

    Charles, this is an interesting point. Our plans are certainly event-driven, not lifestyle-driven. For many athletes event-driven IS the lifestyle, but maybe for others, the events are a means to an end, that end being general fitness.

    I would not use the Racing Weight plan over an over, but repeating it once or twice in a year is OK.

    Since we are still event/results-driven I don’t have a great solution for you. Our variety of off-season/pre-season plans is now very diverse: Maintenance, Run Endurance, Run Faster, Racing Weight, Strength and Mobility, and Stride Academy plans. You could absolutely put together an annual plan that looks something like this:

    Racing Weight – 6 weeks
    Run Endurance – 11 weeks
    Run Faster – 7 weeks
    10K – 12 weeks
    Stride Academy – 6 weeks
    Half Marathon – 15 weeks
    = 52 weeks

    And that’s not even using the Maintenance plan! That’s a wide variety of running technique and specific goals that will keep you healthy, without constantly training for an event.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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