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Races overlapping plans

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    Asking for best way to deal with my half Ironman in June 7 (using your level 3 HIM plan) which I am just obviously focusing on now but then doing IM Maryland and IM Arizona following your IM level 3 (but might follow level 2). I have previously done 3 IMs. My plan was to backtrack from IM Maryland and just fall into the week I should be in and after that race was taking a full recovery week and hop into the week I should be in for the next race. Only thing I am concerned about is leg recovery from marathon of that first IM. Any advice? Should I just fall into the weeks as described? Thanks. I know it’s a bit of an aggressive season and I sought out your plans specifically for the 80/20 factor as I am more of an overtrainer. Decided to work on IM legacy so I needed to figure out a plan that will help me train smarter!

    David Warden


    There are 15 weeks between your 70.3 and IM Maryland. I recommend after your June 70.3 that you take a week almost completely off, maybe up to 4 hours of swim and cycle at your discretion, and no running. Then, load the IM plan with an end date of Maryland, which should be be week 10, as both the Level 2 and Level 3 IM plans are 23 weeks long.

    There are then 9 weeks between IM Maryland and IM AZ. Take another week off of up to 4 hours of swim and cycle, no running, and feel free to do nothing for that week. Then, pick up the plan on week 16 (which will be the week if you load the plan for an end date of Nov 22). But, no running for week 16, only perform the swim and cycle portion of the plan. Pick up the full swim, bike, run schedule on week 17. You are right to be concerned about fatigue from a full marathon. Two weeks of no running will take care of that, and you’ll maintain plenty of fitness with the swim and bike.

    There is a risk in that, essentially, you are training almost non-stop for 10+ months. It’s a fantastic goal, but has high risk for overtraining. 24 weeks at a time is the most we recommend, with “firewalls” of 2+ weeks in between formal training sessions. Tough goals require risk, but please consider a significant break after AZ of about a month of very light work before restarting for 2021.



    Thanks so much for your input! I feel great about your recommendation and will follow your advice. Yes I will definitely been taking some downtime for 2021!


    I have 1/2 IM on 10/18/20 (with plan start date of 6/14) and full IM on 11/22/20 with plan start date of 7/19).There are 5 weeks between races.

    At what point on the 1/2 IM plan do I switch over to the full plan? If I switch to the full plan on 7/19, will that properly prepare for the 1/2 IM on 10/18?

    Thank you,


    David Warden


    It depends on which event is more important to you:

    – If the 70.3 is more important, then load the 70.3 for an end date of 10/18 and switch to the IM after. This would have you perform at the 70.3 really well, but not as well at the IM. There is just not enough time between the 70.3 and the IM to get up to full IM fitness.
    – If the IM plan is more important, then load the IM plan with an end date of 11/22. The IM plan will provide you with more than enough fitness to complete the 70.3 strong.
    – If they are equally important, then I’d load the IM plan for sure. You can create a mini-taper in the IM plan to get some rest before the 70.3


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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