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RAn3 – getting weak towards end of 70.3 plan

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    Hi David,
    Hi Matt,

    I’m currently in week 18 of the 70.3 level 3 plan. Today, I performed RAn3, which is a workout I haven’t seen in a few weeks. Comparing today’s outcome with the RAn3 I ran earlier over the course of the 70.3 plan, I noticed that my power output was lower, so was my pace and it felt harder also. Interestingly, my Zone 1 and Zone 2 runs feel fantastic. I also had a great Half Marathon on May 1 – which I reported about.
    Anyways, is it normal to see that? It’s like my lower end of my power output has improved but my upper end got weaker? Like elevating the floor but the ceiling didn’t come any closer…..
    I do feel that I accumulated quite some fatigue by swapping a recovery week in favor the the Half Marathon and going through an additional week before reaching this week, which is the first recovery week since the week of April 25th (week of the Half Marathon). So I just had 4 hard weeks.

    Looking forward to your thoughts.


    David Warden


    Yes, this is normal for your point in the plan. You are in the Specific phase of the plan, which replaces that VO2 work with more specific and slower intervals. We throw that RAn into the plan just to maintain some VO2-type intensity.

    It’s another example of reversibility. When you don’t run fast, you stat to lose the ability to run fast.



    thanks David, that makes me feel way better.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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