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Readjusting goals based on training data

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    My goal is to run HM under 1:30. That requires 4:15 min/km pace. I recently had a 3x3km test run with that pace and failed the pace with 5 sec per km and I was sooooo tired. I was about to quit 45 seconds into 3rd session and in the end nearly puked.
    I keep wondering if I should readjust my goal for the HM that is 2 months away or keep trying to push 4:15 pace in HM pace trainings?
    The thing is, that this might be too much for me and I would not want to get injured in the process. Like one running physiotherapist told me, I can feel that you have started to run, but your body takes time to adjust.
    Maybe my cardiovascular system is just not ready for that pace?

    So my question is – how to readjust goals based on training results? Like Matt wrote in one of his blog posts, that his trainer knew about his exact pace for marathon and was not suggesting to run by HR.

    I’m still new to running and there is so much to figure out. Basically 1st year of taking it seriously and pushing it. Also loving it 🙂


    How new to running are you? I personally think that a 1h30m HM is quite quick for a “new runner”.
    What is your Threshold Pace?



    2 years ago I bought a road bike and did 4000km to complete a 250km Gran Fondo. I think that gave me a solid base. Started preparing for HM in 2019 and trained for 2 months. Ran 1:59. In 2019 December I had ACL operation and was out for 6 months.
    Started to do longer walks in April and first runs in mid July. Prepared with another plan that wrecked my calves and developed ach tendonitis.
    Managed to run 1:55 in 2020 october.
    Turned to 80/20 and David wrote to me what I need to do run under 1:30. Started in 2020 November i think with maintenance plan and finished HM 2 plan in July. Now doing the HM 3 plan with some tweaks.

    Threshold pace according to 20min test is 4:22.

    That’s my story of running.


    I mean I’m not a coach (LMAO) nor do I have any experience coaching and can only share my personal thoughts –just to make it clear – , but maybe it helps:
    A 4:22min/km pace equals a 7:02min/mile – I have to do the conversion as I have a hard time with pace in min/km 🙂
    My personal threshold pace is 6:30min/mile which is 4:02min/km. When training for my recent 70.3, I ran a HM as a B race and that was 1h29min. That being said, I feel a 1h30min HM could be a stretch based on your threshold pace as the pace required to be below 90min is quite a bit faster than your current threshold pace.
    On the other hand, you still have 2 months to go, which is a lot of time to make improvements happen. How fast did you run the HM after completing the plan in July?
    If you could manage to run in the lower zone 3 (look at “race pacing” in the resources section of this site), you would probably run at a pace of 4:40-4:45min/km – based on your today’s threshold pace – which would be a 1h39min HM. That sounds not too bad does it?

    I would not worry too much about a specific time goal as there could be so many other factors that could have an impact – course – wind – heat – etc….but rather focus on the progress and trust in the outcome.



    Wow, 4:02 for threshold is faaast. Good job!

    Yesterday I had RT54 (tempo run), where I stayed in Z3 with HR and pace. Held 4:30 pace and that felt comfortable even with tired legs. I think I could hold that pace for HM with fresh legs.
    What a difference 10-15sec per km makes.
    I suppose your suggestion is right, Winoria. Just stick to the plan and if my system let’s me run faster, it will come. If I push it, it could create problems with overstressing the whole system.
    Also, I didn’t think about these factors you mentioned in the end.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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