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Recovery Days/Versus Day’s off/ 2-a day’s

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    Hi Matt-First time posting here. A couple of questions as I’ve recently switched from a different coaching platform. I am a level 3 runner (former elite-cyclist/triathlete) age 43, so I’m well steeped in training periodization and training methodology. I’m curious about how you feel about the 2-a-days recovery runs versus combining them into one long recovery run…could you explain the purpose and if it’s okay to combine-or best to keep it 2 X.
    Second-I’ve always taken one full day of rest per week (found it beneficial) but am curious to try something different if the argument could be made well for it. 🙂
    On Monday’s (usual rest day) should I take the day off as historically I have or do the easy jog?
    Thank you. As a therapist that specializes in working with athletes (Sports Psych) I’m a huge fan of your work! Keep it comin.

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Thanks for posting! I don’t think any of our run plans have two recovery runs in one day. All of the recovery runs are either singles (Monday) or follow a workout. In any case, the general rationale for doing two shorter runs instead of one longer run is that it’s a little less stressful to the body. Most of the muscle damage that accrues in a run comes in the latter part. Doing a 5-mile afternoon run after a 5-mile morning run isn’t quite like doing the first 5 miles of a 10-mile run twice, but it is a bit gentler than the last 5 miles of a 10-mile run.

    My best answer to your second question is this blog post:

    Coach Matt


    Thanks, this clears it up…I will play with it. I do note that sometimes my nervous system enjoys the “off” day versus just my muscular/skeletal system. I’ll continue to honor that and will play with the recovery runs.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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