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Reducing running b/c of injury risk 70.3 level 3

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    Hi there,

    I’m very prone to running injuries (which is kind of good in a way as I would have otherwise never started to cycle and would therefore never have started triathlon either) and tend to get heel issues (heel bursitis/retrocaneal bursitis) from speedwork or if I run too much. I also have the feeling that static stretching of the calf is causing it to boil up fast if I’m not super careful.
    I try to do flat eccentric heel drops as those seem to help and actually avoid the normal “eccentric heel drops” as those can cause me quite some issues when dropping my heel(s) too much.
    I’m wondering if there is a recommendation to potentially reduce running (intensity and/or volume) to avoid this issue or if anybody else has had a similar problem and has a good solution?
    I also rotate shoes very frequently and even though I am ok at the moment, I can “feel” my right heel a little. I get the feeling that it also makes a difference if I run in shoes with a 4mm vs. 10mm drop. I’m a midfoot striker BTW.

    Any thought and experience sharing would be highly appreciated.


    Matt Fitzgerald

    I’m no expert in this area but I think that targeted strengthening of the Achilles/calf complex could increase tissue tolerance in that area and allow you to tolerate higher training loads. Do you have a good strength coach who can help you with that? If not, I can hook you up with AJ Gregg, who created our premium strength plans.


    Hi Matt,

    no, I currently dont work with a strength coach. I would appreciate if you could provide help.

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Okay, here’s AJ’s email address: I’ve already told him about you. When you contact him, just let him know you’re the 80/20 athlete I referred to him. You can then set up a video consult, where he will evaluate you, and after that he can design a custom strength program to help you out.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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