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Return to training plan following sickness

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    Hello all,

    I started training for IM Chattanooga 70.3 (May 22) with the goal of qualifying for 70.3 worlds using your level 3 plan. I was 4 weeks into the plan when I was sidelined with Flurona. I’m now back to health and have been trying to ease back into training the last 5 days with hour long zone 1 – 2 swim/ bikes and today a 45 minute run. I was thinking it might be good to use the level 2 plan (which I also have) but am not sure how to adjust the 19 weeks to 15. Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you!



    I should note that I missed out on about 2 full weeks of training or any exercise for that matter and my CTL has dropped 20 points if that helps at all

    Matt Fitzgerald

    The most straight forward approach would be to give yourself five weeks to gradually bridge back to the Level 2 plan. So, start at Week 5 but reduce everything by about 20%, then move on to Week 6 with a 15% reduction, Week 7 with a 10% reduction, and Week 8 with a 5% reduction.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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