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RHR workout using running power

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    Hi, I did RHR22 today on my 10K level 0 power plan. My critical power is 216W, I got this by doing a talk test and putting that power into the power calculator. My plan suggested a power range of 259W to 302W for the 30 second hill repeats, Zone 4 to 5 and 9 out of 10 effort.

    I must have got this massively wrong because my reps looked like so:

    Rep 1 – 605W
    Rep 2 – 474W
    Rep 3 – 430W
    Rep 4 – 421W
    Rep 5 – 336W
    Rep 6 – 461W

    Does something look off with these values considering the power range I was meant to be going for? Possibly this was borderline 10/10 effort but I’d expect the power to be closer to the targets for the workout. It was a very steep hill at 10%. I wonder if I was meant to be going slower and only fatigue at the end of the set?

    Just to add some more info running at higher power, 3 min/km was 362W on the treadmill. I just want to make sure there’s no issues with the intensity levels. I must say that all of the workouts I’ve done up until now seem to be OK. CV power seems to match up with a recent 30 min all out effort, so I have confidence in those, it’s just these max power values.

    I’ll add that I’m glad I don’t have any more hill repeats in the training block. My Achilles feel sore after and I found it hard to keep food form because running so fast up a hill felt so foreign! Hopefully my Achilles calm down tomorrow!!


    Just to clarify, I got my critical power by taking the power value from my talk test and putting it into the calculator. 216W want my talk test power, I think it was 190ish off the top of my head.


    Hi Newdent,
    I think the fact that you are happy there are no more hill intervals and the that your achilles is sore indicates that the 10% grade was too much (You can do good quality hill repeats on 4-6% grade) and that you went too hard on those intervals. The upper power zones are always going to get a bit skewed in my experience – going by feel and form is very important on short max intervals to prevent overdoing things.



    Thanks Leyla. I was struggling to find any local hills that were suitable. There were lots of 4% but the plan said 5+. Good to know 4% will work for future. To be honest, I’ve been struggling with my Achilles and ankles since I started. I’m doing targeted strength training and rehab for them so am hoping they will adapt to the extras work they are getting. I have never run before now, I did the 12 week ‘None 2 run’ program, then about ten 5Ks and then started the 10K level 0 (with the slow run detox week before), so it’s been a big change.

    Regarding the upper range of power, is it normal for the upper power range to be so large? All of my normal zone 1 to zone 4 is up to the 260W range but then yesterday, to hit 600W does that seem like there’s an issue there or is it normal to be able to hit that sit of power in an all out effort? I’m new to training by power and want to make sure it can be trusted and is consistent. Thanks.

    David Warden


    I think your zones are off, and that the talk test did not result in an accurate result. The talk test is good, the 20-minute test protocol is better.

    Of course, doing the 20-minute test with an Achilles issue is not a good idea.

    Are your other zones off? Zone 2, 3, and 4? Or was it just this Zone 5 effort?



    Thanks David.

    Regarding my zones, I had a few recent hard 5K efforts to look at. They were both relatively slow as I’m new to running at 28 mins but on both of them my heart rate was steady at around 170bpm (+/- a few beats) but rising to my max HR (approx 185) near the end due to increasing effort. I decided to use 170 as my LTHR, which made my talk test HR 153bpm, so when I bought my Stryd, I ran at 153bpm and confirmed my talk test power to get my talk test power value. I’ve just finished week 3 and updated my talk test power by 10W as I’m now able to talk comfortably at 200W (previously 190W) and my heart rate had lowered at that power too. I’ve not noticed issues with other zones, it’s just my zone 5, I seem to be able to hit much higher power. I would say that I’m not traditionally an endurance athlete, I’ve always gravitated more to short, faster sports. I can run pretty fast but not for very long, I’m only now trying to improve my endurance.

    I see the official heart rate test is asks for you to run at a pace you think you could sustain for 20 mins and mine was a 28 min 5K, so possibly not hard enough intensity? I’ve been holding off doing an official test to not interfere with the program but maybe it’s worth doing one…

    Regarding my Achilles, I’ll just hoping it’s down to sharp increase in training volume but will visit a physio next month if it doesn’t settle down.


    That being said, I just used the calculator to determine TP using recent 5K and the calculated TP isn’t a million miles off of the pace ran in the 5Ks I used to determine LTHR. I was a little bit faster in the 5K but ran many sections at the calculated TP. It varied a bit due to hills.

    David Warden

    If the disconnect between HR and Power is limited to Zone 5, then I’m good with that. Remember, Zone 5 has no upper limit, if you can maintain the Zone 5 intensity for all intervals, then you can’t go too high.


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