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    Just curious, but does anyone else do any of their runs by RPE? I have a Stryd Footpod and have been running by power for about 18 months. However, I recently started doing the easy runs by RPE. This is working really well. Faster or slower, depending on how I’m feeling. Sometimes around 70% of my CP. Other times, closer to 80%. But every time, it feels like the level of effort is just right.

    Anyone else?

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Well, virtually all elite runners do their easy runs by feel. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to reshare this oldie but goody:

    Why Your Easy Run Paces Should Be Wildly Erratic


    Great article! Interesting that you mentioned erratic pacing. From one easy run to another, there’s a considerable variance in pace. But also within the run, let the article states.


    “LIKE” the article states…


    Yeah as it’s stupidly warm (for the UK) presently, I’m doing foundation runs by RPE and it is interesting how much variation there is 🙂

    I may well continue with it even when normality resumes

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    I’ve noticed that RPE foundation runs are the slowest 1) when it’s the first run of the week and I was off the day before and 2) when I’ve done a hard run the day before. But heat makes a big difference in what the “easy” pace is for the day.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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