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Running longer than planned

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    I often run a bit longer than planned due to doing a circuit from home and misjudging when to turn back. So for a 1hr run I might be 5-(max)10 mins over sometimes.

    I am not sure how to manage the recording of this in TP to compare planned and actual results.

    Should I stop and save my run when I have completed my allotted time (and then run the final bit home recording it as a separate run that does not count towards the planned run), or should I continue to record the run and continue at the last pace until I get back.



    I personally stop and record the extra as a separate run. That is my personal preference. For 5-10 minutes, I would do recommend doing what feels right.

    With that said, I’m now curious to hear from the Team.😁


    I’ll give my $.02. It’s worth about 1/2 that.

    I don’t get caught up in did I follow the plan exactly. Run what you run. On long runs which are mostly Z2 I pay attention to the Z1 warmup and cooldown times. On all of my various routes I know where I need to start and stop Z1 to meet those times. The rest is just Z2 pacing. IMO, the only part you need to get right is the pace.

    If it’s a long-ish run with intervals, I pay attention to get the intervals correct. If I need to throw a few extra minutes of Z2 in because I’m too far out, I will. The fact that the entire run was 1:03:42.46 instead of 1:00:00.00 is pretty meaningless.

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    As long as you are running in those lower zones for these little bit extras I can’t see them being an issue at all. I would just consider them an extended cool down and not mess around with the watch at all.


    Personally, as long as I stay Z2 or below, I just keep the watch running. Most often, it’s just 10 minutes or less due to misjudging a turn-around. Those are negligible in my opinion. Sometimes I might intentionally go way over (20-40 minutes), but that’s because I know I’ll have to cut a Foundation run short later in the week, so I’m taking on the extra time to this run. In those instances, as long as my total run time is 80/20 by the end of the week, I consider it a success.

    But for 5 to 10 minutes? That’s just an extra cool down. Or some easy bonus miles to help pad your volume for later training sessions. Unless it’s a taper period, it shouldn’t be a big issue.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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