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Running with someone else

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    I do most of my running alone. However, I’ll occasionally run with a friend. I’ve noticed that when I’m running with someone else, at any given pace, my heart rate will be noticeably higher. It also seems like my ability to sustain a more aggressive pace for longer is not as good.

    Is this normal? Could it just be the extra effort of carrying on a conversation while running?

    Matt Fitzgerald

    It just means you have a crush on the person you’re running with! 😂

    Seriously, though, heart rate responds to an almost infinite number of influences. If it’s not the extra effort of carrying on a conversation that’s elevating your HR, it may be some other psychosocial influence. I will say, though, that not being able to sustain a faster pace with a companion is not normal. There’s tons of research showing that endurance athletes perform better in a group.


    Yikes, I hope not! I’m a happily married hetero man and was running with another guy. 🤣

    For something like a 5K, I’m great running with someone else. My assessment is based on my last marathon. I trained alone and had no trouble with my goal pace during training. But I ended up running the marathon with a friend. Something was off and I couldn’t hit my power target. Well, I could have forced it, but I guarantee I would have burned out early. The only real difference was that I was running with someone else. My thought was that carrying on a conversation the whole time took some of my resources. But maybe there was some other reason that I wasn’t aware of.


    Every run has a purpose. If it is a social run commit to listening to your partner; if they are slow, slow down; if they are too fast, tell them. I’ve been married 45 years and it seems to work…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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