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    Ok, so after using the free maintenance plan to get some fitness back, and then doing a slightly customised L2 10k plan (from the book, not a bought plan) and scraping a PB, I thought I should pony up and subscribe (your pension plan thanks me I’m sure 🙂 ).

    Between my 10k plan ending and starting the HM plan I am purely doing Z1+Z2 running and some strength work, just to have a bit of a break and keep building that aerobic engine without a load of stress.

    Now, I currently have a half marathon scheduled for May, so I tried to look at the plan previews, as I figure its probably level 0 or 1 HM for me,

    Level 0 preview shows week 11 and it looks manageable

    Level 1 preview shows week 1 which is fairly pointless in my humble opinion

    Level 2 + 3 also show week 11

    So, I put down level 0 HM on subscription sign up page, and I rather naively thought I would then be able to see / use all the 8020 plans in Training Peaks (like I can apply/remove my maintenance plan as I see fit), when it went live – but – it appears this is not actually the case?

    Having looked at my plan, I’m wondering if I should have picked level 1 – but of course I can’t actually see it to decide, without having it applied ? and I have to go through the subscription support process if I wish to change plan to do this ?

    Seems overly complex and counter-intuitive….

    David Warden


    First, thanks for pointing out the Week 1 preview, all our run plans should be Week 11 previews and I’ve fixed that in the HM Level 1 plan.

    Second, the best way to compare levels is here: We think this is much better than the preview feature in TP, and really even better then opening the entire plan as this page gives you the differences between all levels in a single view.

    You can absolutely get the Level plan applied and check it out as well. Just submit a request at and we’ll get it on your calendar to review.

    TrainingPeaks actually does not have a club/membership/subscription solution (other than their Premium and Basic access) for coaches. 80/20 was the first to come up with a subscription model on the TP platform, but because we are limited to what TP will let us do, there are some limitations.

    For example, TrainingPeaks does not let us share a plan library with an athlete. We can share a workout library (which we do with the subscription). We would love to just open up the entire plan library, but can’t. So, we apply the plan as needed.

    BUT, we will have some big news by June on this. I’m not able to share the details at this time, but 80/20 will be the flagship product in a completely new solution from TP that will make this issue irrelevant.



    Thanks David, that page you linked is better from a high level perspective, but doesn’t say too much, so I think I’ll get the other plan applied and see how it looks on a more granular level thanks.

    The ‘news’ sounds like it will give me the functionality that I thought I would have, so I look forward to it 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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