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Setting Training Zones – Difference Between Book and Website

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    Hi, I’m John and I’m new here. Currently reading 80/20 and I’m stoked about it. I’ve read pretty much every running book over the past 35 years, and this one has resonated with me a bunch. Thanks, Matt, for putting it together.

    My question is about HR zones. I’ve set mine up according to the book. However, in now discovering the website (and calculator), I’m seeing differing numbers. Which do you suggest I follow? The book or the website?

    For instance, the book has Z1 as 75-80% of LTHR. Z2 is 81-89%. The website has Z1 as 72-81% and Z2 as 81-90%. Understanding that these differences are fairly minor, but I’m curious if the website contains the most recent information.

    Thanks in advance!

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Hi John,

    Welcome to 80/20 Endurance! We try not to rest on our laurels here, so when we see opportunities to improve something, we do it. In that spirit, our zone system has been adjusted a couple of times since the book was published. I recommend that you use the current zone scheme.

    Coach Matt


    Sorry, one more question. In the book it says to determine your LTHR use the average HR from the last ten minutes of a 30 minute time trial. This, for me would be 185. However, on the website it says Your LTHR is 95% of your average heart rate in beats per minute (BPM). So, for example, if your average HR in the 20-minute time trial is 170 BPM, your LTHR is (170 x 0.95 =) 162 BPM.”

    Should I use 185 as the book says? Or should I use 175 (185*0.95)?

    This is actually my most pressing question. Thanks a bunch!


    The testing protocols on the website are the most up to date – basically everything on the website is the up to date version


    Thank you! Appreciate the clarification. Looking forward to getting more consistent (and faster, hopefully) using this intuitive system.


    Good luck with your training, it’s certainly working well for me 🙂


    Awesome, Martin. Where are you from and what are you training for?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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