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Shift working and programigt

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    Hello 80/20,

    Hope you guys are all well. Long time no posting. I have a question around shift working.
    I work a 6week rotating roster of days, afternoons and nights. In your opinion would it be best to keep the same structure each week if sessions and just miss when I’m on shift or should we plan each week around the shifts?


    Matt Fitzgerald

    Hi Ben,

    I’ve made a lot of custom training plans for shift workers and, honestly, they look very different from our readymade plans. That’s what it takes to truly optimize training for the sort of schedule you’re on. It’s a matter of applying the same principles used to design any training plan within a special constraint. The shorter answer is, shuffle workouts around so you’re concentrating training stress in periods when you’re off work and recovery/maintaining when you’re working.

    Coach Matt


    Thanks Matt,

    Any way we can collaborate to set up the training plan? It is a multi-sport similar to tri but different.


    Matt Fitzgerald

    Sure thing:

    Custom Plans

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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