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    Good morning/evening everyone,

    I have a question regarding shoes. I have a pair of carbon plated nikes and a traditional pari of running shoes. Obviously i use the carbon plated shoes only for races and selected training sessions.

    Does anyone konw the difference in performance between the shoes, I have not been able to find any reliable honest data.



    Pretty good research out there now on the benefits of these shoes for many people. the average is 4% and more increase in running economy which is over 2% improvement in run time for the top runners in the world. Hence why there has been much debate around their use. Kipchoge broke 2 in a “illegal” pair of nike alphflys – so there is not doubt at this stage when looking for a mechanical advantage in running – carbon fibre plates deliver. There are still outliers with some runners getting no advantage (and in the case of the nikes I will say some runners get an increase in foot and ankle issues negating the benefits) and then some runners see up to almost 7% improvements in run efficiency. In triathlon – there are no rules on running shoes – so it comes down to what you can afford (given that the Alphafly runs for $275US). But on tired legs after swim and bike – hand me those vaporflys is my response.. 🙂

    Here is a research paper to back my points above


    Thanks so much for this. I guess that makes them a must have. I managed to get a pair from a friend who did not like them. I will ensure i have worn the a bit before race day.



    would you sugeest doing a field test in them or normal shoes? sorry another question

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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