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Should I use power/pace or heart rate when I do Foundation training?

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    On how to incorporate MAF with your 80/20 this is what I do and have had really good success with it. I do it this way because I don’t won’t to do the field test. I like to save those efforts for the races. I just put the number in the zone calculator that makes the upper end of Z2 my MAF and then operate off that for what it gives me for my zones. Ex. I’m 46 so I put in 149 as my threshold and 134 is upper Z2. Then I follow plan as written. I always do L1 for whatever distance I choose. I keep it that way all year until I turn 47. I keep getting faster each year doing it this way and I also recover really well too. I’m not a data guy though and this is a simple way to make it work. Perfection can be an enemy to progress. Thanks for all the great plans. I really enjoy them.


    @David: Yes – TrainingPeaks is for wimps, real engineers do there stuff by them self 😉 I also did my own analyse tools, so I could tweak them exactly as I like to analyse my data.

    I have used MAF a lot in the past, but had to tweak the 180-formula. I’m almost 60, so my MAF HR should be around 120, compare this to my LTHR test that gave me a 148 BpM for the upper limit of zone 2, there are just 28 beats difference! Even my zone 1 HR is higher than 120. I contacted Phil Maffetone on the subject, but he never came back to me. In the end what I did was to feel me into the “right” MAF HR and ended with 130-140, for very slow runs.
    My sensation is the 180-formula is either too simple to cover older people or people there workout with a high HR, or I’m an abnormal person, I will not exclude this 😉 I think Mark Cucuzella, there has worked with Maffetone, nails it rather good in his book “Run for Your Life”: Be flexibly, if you are a fit person, you can use up to 200 instead of 180.
    Also, MAF does not take the intervals into the plan, and if you are not a very discipline person, you risk to blow the whole concept up. I was near to give up my base training because of boredom, until I listen to Stephen Seiler’s TED Talk and began to use MAF for base training and invented some interval training.
    The nice with 80/20 is they give you a plan with the whole stuff in: build up a base as MAF would do, and put in some HIT training too, this MAF does not gives you.
    The idea to use your MAF HR for the upper of Zone 2 is nice, but if you look at my numbers, my MAF HR (the 130-140) would be more in the middle of zone 2. I think there is a difference to do a test and have a formula, we all do not feed into a simple formula, so I trust the test more, even it does not tell me everything and can be very hard to do.
    Today I would advise any beginner to use MAF, but a more fit person I would direct to something else.
    Last we should not forget, MAF is not only HR, but also about diet, stress etc. and have, after my opinion, some very good principles here.


Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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