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Simultaneous Threshold Testing Query

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    I just started week 3 of the HM L0 and did my Simultaneous Threshold Testing today. I did a Simultaneous Threshold Test about 3 weeks ago (I was using the maintenance plan).

    My Power (which I use for the plan) and HR only went up a bit but my pace improved a lot. I know HR may not change much, but should I be surprised my Power only changed by 2W where as my Pace improved by 23 seconds. Is this normal or have I messed something up.



    And just to confirm, I ran the same course in both tests.


    Hi FatDad (love your username LOL)!

    there are a few reasons that could cause the changes you’ve seen:
    1. you are running more efficiently and run faster at the same power output
    2. you lost weight and are therefore faster at the same power output

    Your LTHR should not change much, but you should be able to run faster at the same HR as your fitness improves.
    I would recommend to check your Stryd or whatever running PM you are using, to see if the weight was updated or changed. If you are using an Apple device, Stryd automatically updates the weight by accessing your weight from the Health app.

    I hope that helps.

    David Warden

    Winoria is exactly right. You’re likely experiencing a gain in efficiency. For a given output (power) you are experiencing an improvement in outcome (speed).



    Thanks. It is definitely not weight loss related!

    interesting about the efficiency gain, I had not thought of that. I suppose if you think you are not progressing using power an occasional pace session over a known course might provide some encouragement.

    Now to work out how to get Stride to pick up my new zones.


    And after a long chat with the Stryd help desk – you need to re-update your zones manually in Stryd using the instructions here

    You may also need to resync with training peaks – ONLY on the mobile app, under settings/connected accounts/Training Peaks

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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