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Sprint level 1 plan, reschedule

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    I have been pretty good at completing or rescheduling workout so far when its been quite easy. This time im more confused what to do.

    Im doing the Sprint plan level 1 and have an issue with week 8, I’m going to be away with work and unlikely to be able to do any workouts between thursday and sunday. so 4 days out of the 7. This is quite a heavy week in this plan so not sure how to tackle this.
    First thoughts are shift workouts forward so I dont have a rest of monday but this still cuts out 3 days of workouts (5 workouts). My other thought is accept this shorter week and then add the missed workouts to the recovery week the week after in week 9 seeing as i would have reduced the load in week 8. I could get more training in between monday and wednesday. also another option is to spread the missing works over the the 2 weeks before.

    What do you reckon? I’m new to planning and would be great to get some help, I also really want to tick off every workout but dont want to overdo it.

    Matt Fitzgerald

    Simply moving workouts around is never the optimal solution in these cases. A more nuanced set of adjustments is needed to avoid the extremes of doing too much and doing too little in certain time spans. Email me at matt@8020endurance.com and I will help you find the happy middle.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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