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Starting 21 km program after 100 km program

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    Hi David

    As per our previous correspondence, I completed the 100 km / 50 mile program (finished on the 14th of June) and ran a fast marathon on the 14th (13 min PR). I read somewhere on the forums that you recommend two weeks off after a marathon. I took the first week off completely and did a few very easy runs in week 2.

    I have a PR attempt at 21 km coming up on the 19th of September. I loaded the program to finish on that date and thus started the 21 km program in week 5. My question is if this approach will be fine?

    I did adjust my HR and Pace threshold after the Ran4 session on Monday. My Garmin gave me new thershold’s (first time in 6 months) I decided to use them as they are slower and probably better at this stage. A side note on that is that I usually train according to the thershold’s on my TP and your online calculator, I find them to be almost identical.

    Please let me know if you would recommend any adjustments. And thanks again for all the advice.


    David Warden

    Lindt, congratulations on a marathon PR and your 50 miler.

    Your situation does not lead me to recommend anything other than the two week break. You can often get away with a week, but certainly not after a 50-miler and a marathon. Yes, you will lose some fitness in that two weeks, but the tradeoff is worth it.

    When we say “off” it does not have to be completely off. Don’t run, but cycling, swimming, light weight training… low to no impact for 4-6 hours a week.

    Then I’m sure you’ll find starting up the plan for a September event will be easy, and you’ll have an even better result.



    Awesome! As always thank you for the guidance!

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