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    Hi Matt

    I am interested in your thoughts; how would you maintain the strength and mobility you have built up over a training plan. I’m about to complete an 18 -week of strength and mobility with a marathon level 2 plan. After a period of a few weeks rest, I would like to maintain the same level of strength and mobility without dropping back to week 1 of the training plan because my next race is about 20 weeks away, or it doesn’t matter too much? I would find week one very easy. I understand around running where you need to de-load but am not sure about the strength and mobility element. Would one of your new plans work?


    Matt Fitzgerald

    Hi Craig,

    Similar to running, you’re not really going back to square one when you start a strength plan at Week 1 because you are stronger than you were the last time you did Week 1. Most of the progression in our strength plans comes from reinvesting your strength gains in the same workouts, not from making the workouts themselves more challenging.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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