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    I am doing the Marathon Strength Plan and into week 2 and I think some of the rep requirements are confusing/misplaced. Please look at your reps again and explain – For example in week 2 Foundation 2:

    – split squat and single leg RDL – perform 8 reps – is this per leg or 4 each leg?
    – torsional buttress – says swing the leg for 60 seconds on each leg – which is clearly wrong
    – hamstring bridge – the description suggests this is done with both legs not single leg but rep is complete 12 reps per side – what side?
    – calf raise – again suggests using both legs but rep is 12 reps per leg – why isn’t this just 12 reps?
    – leg swings with band – complete 15 reps – is this per leg? perhaps the torsional buttress rep description is meant to be here.
    – isometric clam – complete 12 reps – is this per side or 6 per side?



    David Warden

    Matt, thanks for pointing these out. I’ve asked our Strength plan author, AJ, to respond to your questions.



    Hi Matt,

    – “split squat and single leg RDL – perform 8 reps” – this is 8 repetitions per leg. Anytime there is a ‘complete X reps’ that is a per side notation

    – “torsional buttress” – Alternate tapping each shoulder, holding for 10s, completing 5 per side. We will update this file as there is an error, as you noted.

    – “hamstring bridge” – this is done with both legs and to complete one set perform 12 reps

    – calf raise – this is done with both legs and to complete one set perform 12 reps

    – leg swings with band – this is reps for each leg

    – isometric clam – Hold the position for 10 seconds, resting for 10 seconds between each rep. Repeat 6x

    Sorry for the confusion. We are in the process of updating our files to reflect these changes.


    Awesome thanks. Will these changes be reflected in the file I download in the future for my strength workouts?

    David Warden

    M, Eventually, yes, we’re working out an update plan now for these plans to make them more clear.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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