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Strength training level in recovery weeks

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    80/20 recovery weeks (speaking as a long course triathlete) are for recovery and threshold testing to check/update zones for the next training cycling. Should strength training (in my case usually with weights as opposed to bodyweight) be reduced* on recovery weeks or done at the same level* as non-recovery weeks?

    *By reduced, I would mean the same exercises as other weeks but either less reps at the same weight, or reduced weight for the same reps.


    David Warden

    I don’t have my athletes reduce the strength training during a rest week. There may be other schools of thought here, but the recovery time for strength training is quick enough that I don’t modify it.



    What would you say is a quick enough recovery time? I am sore for 36-48 hrs after a strength training session. Might be my age and that I take a statin, but I do feel some lingering soreness 2 days later. I can still push in the tempo workouts but I’m definitely not completely “fresh” for the tempo workouts if they are being used as time trials to determine my zones. Given this as my experience, would you suggest any modifications?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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