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Strength Training – modification

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    Curry Gallagher

    I realize that the strength training plan is ideally done two days per week. (I’m on the level 2 – 1/2 IM plan with free strength add on)

    I am wondering about dropping the Monday session, just to have 1 full day of recovery per week. Probably more for psychological reasons than anything. I suppose one day of strength is better than none, but looking for feedback on that.

    I would also consider adding some type of strength bodyweight sets (some variant of air squats, lunges, pushups, bridges, planks, etc) in the morning before work a few days per week. Only on days that I dont have a morning run/bike/swim. This has been a routine for me the last year with covid anyway. 3-4 moves x 3 sets for a total of 20-30 minutes.

    Maybe just sticking with one day of strength is better than complicating/compromising other workout days.

    Thanks for the input!!!!

    David Warden

    Curry, what about instead of dropping a strength session, add it to another day? That way you’ll get a rest day plus 2x strength per week. Of course, it makes one of the other days a bugger with 2-3 sessions in a day.

    But, 1 session a week is better than 0, and the bodyweight sets you are proposing would be more like 1.5 sessions a week.

    Another alternative is to drop the Level 2 plan to the Level 1 plan so that you can get in two sessions. The compelling argument for strength training is that research shows that by replacing your endurance training with strength training improves performance. In other words, you’ll perform better at 8 hours of endurance + 2 hours of strength than 10 hours of endurance.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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