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Strength Training on Garmin Connect


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    Hey all- I just started a Marathon 2 training program today, and opted for the free strength training plug-in to try it out. The workouts for the run portion show up in my Garmin Connect and watch just fine- the strength workouts do not show up in either place, but are shown on TP. Is this a function of it being a free plug-in and I should just get the premier strength plan, or am I missing a step on the connection between TP and Garmin Connect?



    Hi there. Only structured run and bike workouts from TrainingPeaks will sync to your Garmin at this time. As the strength sessions are not structured there is no file for Garmin to recognise for these workouts.




    when the workout does not show on my Garmin as a workout do you have an advice how to use it with Garmin watch?

    The workout info, what to do and how many repetitions, I will get from the Trainingpeaks app and Youtube probably.

    But what kind of “activity” do I select om my Garmin to be able to track the workout and let it be used in Garmin Connect and synced to Trainingpeaks for recording the effort/strain on my body?

    Best regards,


    Hi Ton,
    You will just select strength from your garmin and it is simply recording the time and your heart rate.
    The TSS is minimal and not going to be reflective of the real work, as training peaks and garmin are designed to track aerobic based activities more than strength based activities. Strength training is important to compliment your aerobic training, but in terms of fitness progression those sessions will have very little impact on your fitness scores.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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