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    I’m starting my second time through a level one 70.3 plan. I don’t care about racing and less about swimming. I’m far more interested in overall physical performance capacity. What I’ve done is substitute upper body, core, and mobility work for the swims. Any gotcha’s there?

    I may add a lower body workout — though likely little more than body weight and lighter olympic style multi-joint lifts. But, I can’t figure out when to do that. I’m 63 and concerned about overuse injuries. I already substitute a hiking/mountain running workout focused on elevation gain for a weekend ride/run each week. And my experience has been that if I don’t give myself a full 48 hours of rest after a hard gym routine, I’m flirting with injury.

    Would one lower body gym workout every two weeks add value? Would it be a waste of time?

    Matt Fitzgerald

    The fact that you’re not training for competitive is both an advantage and a disadvantage with respect to your question. It’s a disadvantage in the sense that you lack a clear standard for judging the worthiness or effectiveness of a training decision such as the one you’re contemplating. Frankly, I’m not sure what “overall physical performance capacity is.” That being said, it’s also an advantage in the sense that there’s less risk associated with making a wrong move in your training. So I suggest you give it a try, and if it backfires, cut bait.



    Fair input.

    FWIW, “overall physical performance” is what I call being able to play with relative abandon. Play what? Pretty much anything – any “game” at all. My favorite games usually involve endurance, and my body type is more inclined towards endurance sports than explosive power sports. I do still climb, for example, so maintaining upper body strength is a must – despite the fact that finding biking shirts that fit is a super drag.

    Regardless, I’ve had a very, very good experience leveraging the 80-20 methodology generally and the plans specifically. I’ve recently purchased a training plan – mostly to save myself the time creating structured workouts by hand in trainingpeaks.

    Thanks for your response.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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