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    Hey, long time user IM 140.6 /70.3 and OD plans … I am loving that the swim workouts now load direct to Garmin, I have over the last few years written most of them into Garmin myself, but this is , or at least potentially is, a game changer.

    HOWEVER, I have discovered that there is no lap / recovery rest between steps. so a warm up of 500 meters (sorry yards! *raised eyebrows)jumps straight into the next step or interval upon ending the step. This gives no chance to change equipment , catch a breath or the like.
    SO despite having , and loving structured workouts – I find I am having to manually edit the workouts to introduced a rest/ break between sets / steps.

    Are you going to up date your plans ? and how soon please ?
    or is there something i am missing (other than not pressing lap button at the end of a step / waiting until I am ready to begin next step ?)



    I have only done 2 swims so far using the downloaded swim sessions. I have the Garmin 935. I found pressing the lap button at the end of the interval started a recovery timer. The timetimer counts down to the start of the next swim interval. Works good. Not sure why the written workout does not show the time allowed for recovery. I do find tge screen small to se the countdown so the beeps are handy


    Sheaton – this is only the case for intervals for example where there is a 15 second zero pace recovery scheduled.

    but if the set begins 250m , 500m then 5x 100m pressing th elap button after 250 will instantly start the 500 leg , then when you press at the end of the 500 it will instantly start the first 100 …. sure enough at th eend of each 100 there is a 15 second count down to the next rep.

    There is a fix but it involves adding a recovery with zero pace target at the end of every (noninterval) interval segment. Something that really should be done at source rather than at every workout by every single user. the recovery can also be set to be terminated by another press of the lap button . Please 80:20 initiate a fix . thank you .

    David Warden

    J, sorry for the late reply. We’re excited about the changes from TP, but did not have a chance to preview the changes before implemented. We’re aware of the issue you’re describing and are working with TP to fix. I don’t have a firm fix date yet, but it will be fixed in one of two ways.

    In the meantime, our swim workout library still has those pauses and includes most of the functionality of the TP sync’d swim workouts.



    I’m in a similar situation in trying to familiarise myself with the operation of workouts having discovered I can now dowload them direct from Garmin (Forerunner 945). (I wrote a long-ish rambling post about this a few weeks ago that doesn’t look like it passed the moderation test).

    I’m also metric, and that seems to be an extra hurdle. I haven’t worked out if I have to manually change every workout segment to metres (then adjust/round-up the segment distance too), or whether the Garmin takes care of this.

    In fact, I’m just back from an STT2 which was nearly ok but I got out of synch. I thought I had another ACTIVE 200m to do but my Garmin told me Workout Complete. ( ) I don’t know what the buzzes mean either which seemingly happen at random. I’m also trying out prescription goggles so that I can see the screen at rests so a lot of muddling going on. I found the following Garmin FAQ quite useful as I hadn’t appreciated that if the timer is going UP – the rest is open ended, and if it’s going DOWN, it’s a fixed time:

    I’m quite interested/enjoing tinkering with the workouts on the watch but not sure if it offers much over just remembering them and hitting LAP manually.

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    Thanks Dougie, but my issues are not with trying to understand how to use my Garmin – I got that thanks .

    I am hoping for a fix to the purchased programs such that I dont have to manually change every swim on a 26 week program to include the pauses bewteen sets. Which I am doing at the moment …. and I understand this is a first world problem. So I am just bumping this to the top to keep it in the ‘news’


    Also Time poor as I am I also dont want to be trying to upload workouts from the library and trying to overright the TP/ Garmin interface 3 times a week.

    Look forward to the fix , and eagerly waiting for news.


    Yes that’s now pretty much the situation I’m in too. If I’m not paying attention and press Lap by accident when the set is advancing automatically, I think it compounds the problem by advancing to the next segment again. Then I’m completely out of synch and there’s no ‘Undo’ option. Garmin’s need a Ctrl-Z! That’s what I meant by discovering my Workout was finished because I’d instinctively pressed the Lap button after the WU and before the ACTIVE.

    I much prefer having a button press to advance as it gives more flexibility. If the pool is busy or I’m having a goggles malfunction I need the flexibility to adapt.

    David Warden

    All, some news on this front:

    1. Almost all swims in our main library now have a 15-second pause between all segments. The only exception is swim workouts with more than 50 steps, as this appears to be an upper limit in total steps that Garmin will accept. Our more complicated workouts push that 50-step limit, and we have no more room at add a rest step. I’d say 90% of our swim workouts do not exceed this limit and take advantage of this fix.

    2. We now have a yards and meters swim library. Same exact workout, just in Imperical and Mertric units. We will be swapping out all yards workouts with meters workouts, as our athlete base is now a majority metric.

    That’s the good news. The bad news is that in order for you to see these fixes in the plans, we now have to manually swap out all 8,000+ swim workouts in all our plans one-by-one. This is gonna take some time but it will be done by early 2023.

    For those of you on our Gold and Silver subscription plans, you have access to both the meters (on request) and fixed yards swim workouts libraries which includes both these fixes, so you can drag and drop the new swim workouts to your calendar.



    That’s good news. I found the workouts a bit cumbersome at first but I’ve persevered and I’m getting the hang of it now and finding them really useful.


    Hi David,

    I purchased a triathlon plan in the past, which has swims in yards. Will I have access to the new swim (in metrics system) in that plan? If yes, will this be part of the plan I already have in TrainingPeaks, or should I ask for a change (similar to level guarantee)?

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    David Warden

    AP, once we change the swims to meters, it will change in your plan automatically. No need to get a new plan.


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