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Stryd Air power Protocol

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    Hi all
    Stryd launched the new Air Power foot pod. Based on the information provided by them, the power (old sensor) and air power (new sensor) do not match. Please advice me which protocol to use for accurate determination of my FTP or any suggestions, welcome.

    David Warden


    There is no change to the 80/20 protocols with the new Air Power sensor. You can read more about this feature at

    This feature only applies to athletes using Pace as an intensity measure who also have the Air Power feature. If the wind picks up, you have to increase (or decrease) power to maintain a given pace. The Air Power feature gives you the calibration to know how much extra/decreased power you are using to maintain pace in certain wind conditions.

    But, I don’t understand the benefit of this feature. The whole purpose of using Power to train is to ignore external factors like wind and hills, which Pace can’t accommodate for, and focus just on output. If you are using Power, and your plan calls for 30 minutes in Zone 2, you don’t care about your pace, you just focus on your Zone 2 wattage regardless of hills or wind.

    When you perform your next FTP running power test, it does not matter if you are performing in a 30 mph headwind or up a slight hill. Pace is not relevant in a Power-based FTP test nor in Power-based training.

    Wind DOES matter in a Pace-based training plan or FTP test, but this device does not appear to provide you with wind-adjusted pace.

    I love Stryd, great product, but I don’t see the advantage of this feature other than knowing how the wind changed your speed for a given power.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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