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Stryd and Garmin Fenix 6


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    If I purchase an 80/20 triathlon with power metrics for run and bike, will I have an audible/haptic power alert during my run?
    I have a Garmin Fenix 6s, Stryd foot pod and the Stryd app is installed on my Garmin

    It drives me nuts that I constantly have to look at my watch to make sure I am staying in the correct power zone.

    Thank y’all!


    Hi there!
    Love the Garmin Fenix 6s = great watch!
    You can set alerts for ranges on your watch across all metrics!
    Here is the link to the manual that walks you through how to set that up!

    Happy Training
    80/20 Endurance


    Hi Leyla,

    I was just wondering about the same thing but I’m afraid your response it not correct. I think that power alarms can only be set for bike power as the Stryd and even the Garmin run power app do not provide that option.
    Maybe I’m wrong and just cannot figure it out?



    Sounds like something you may need to raise with Garmin and/or Stryd specifically to determine if running power range alerts are supported. It does state in the owner’s manual that the alerts are not supported for all activities – but does not specify which ones are not supported.

    Hope Stryd and Garmin can answer your query.



    running power from Stryd but also from Garmin’s own HRM are Garmin IQ fields. Therefore, no alarm for those fields can be set.
    That’s different when it comes to a bike powermeter, heart rate data or pace, as that data is not from a IQ field but rather from the (connected) device into a supported Garmin field.



    This issue came up in Oct 2020 and a you tube link for setting ups the Stryd app on Garmin was attached.

    Garmin watch setup for running with power

    I still need to play around with my Garmin HRM and 945. I don’t even have the display showing correctly.

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    I had the wrong IQ App installed. Much to learn, I have…


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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