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Stryd / Training Peaks / Garmin – getting them playing nicely

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    I’ve been trying to get my 8020 power based workouts, via Training Peaks, to work with my Garmin and wondering if anyone has any tips. After speaking to David, I have installed the 8020 IQ app and it works well. However when executing a workout, the screen that tells you the range to run in doesn’t show the power level. So I have missed transitions to new stages in the workout pretty often because I am looking at the power screen. I tried another workaround that changes the workout to cycling in TP, then changes back afterwards, but the ranges I got during the workout were way off (Z3 was showing at 260-280W instead of 225-258). Any further ideas? I am thinking I might have to just write the ranges on my hand in marker and keep switching screens to not miss a transition. Thanks!

    David Warden

    Mark, you are using a Stryd, correct? I get this question frequently, and I just don’t know of a solution, other than the problematic two-screen solution.

    My understanding is that the native Garmin power (via HRM or Garmin footpod) does not have this issue, it is just with Stryd.

    Also curios to hear other athletes experiences using power structured workouts.



    Hi David yes it’s a Stryd. I tried logging the workout as a cycling one and then changing ti back but had the problem mentioned above (power ranges/zones way out) and my Garmin has now also created a separate Vo2 max for cycling, which is a bit annoying as I don’t really bike outside! If anyone knows how to get rid of it that would be great.

    David Warden

    Mark, I did a quick search on resetting/removing rogue VO2max values on a Garmin, the only thing I can find is a reset all settings.


    Hi Marksun,

    I have got the same setup. Honestly, if I have workouts which are complex to remember, I really write them on my left arm/hand.

    5′ Z1
    5′ Z2
    3x |1′ Z4
    |2′ Z1
    5′ Z1

    On my Garmin I ONLY have the 80/20 Datafield on a 1-Field Datascreen.

    Thatt’s all and it works well for me 😉

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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