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Stryd vs GPS pacing

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    Using Stryd and power for an 80/20 plan, do you recommend using right out of the box (meaning it measures power etc but Garmin watches still use GPS for distance and speed and therefore pace)? Or do you recommend changing the settings to allow Stryd to calculate distance/speed/pace?


    As an additional piece of information. I’m in the country – lots of woods but no real issue with buildings in big cities etc for GPS. Also, when using GPS and leaving auto-calibrate on for Stryd – it tends to bump to about 104%. I have to turn auto-calibrate off and adjust back to 100 when I change the settings on Stryd. Thoughts on the calibration piece? Just noticing when I switched to using Stryd for pace and distance that I’m running a higher power and but slower pace than when using GPS. At least on easy runs.


    Just thinking out loud, I’d play around with both options and decide which one I feel is more accurate. This would take a few trial runs along a route that you know distances on. I have a route I run a lot so I know where each mile falls and would be able to look back at each one to see how pace and distance align with what I know.

    Now, I’ll tell you the issues I’m currently having with my Garmin. The instantaneous pace feature is not reliable and at times very inaccurate on my particular watch. I’ve talked to Garmin about this and am hoping the next software update helps.

    That being said, the GPS component is very accurate. It tracks my path and the distances it calculates are spot on.

    Those two being the case, I run by perceived effort more than pace. Since the GPS is accurate, I’m able to set 1/2 mile laps and receive an update every 1/2 mile as to what my pace was over that 1/2 mile and use it to adjust my pace. I pretty much ignore my instantaneous pace expect for trying to use it in doing intervals.


    So the good news is I only use pace after the fact when looking back and comparing data. I actually have no clue of my pace while I’m running. I’m using effort primarily but a power training plan which tells me if I’m going to fast on an easy run Etc. I’m also not winning any races with my speed so being precisely accurate on Pace is probably not all that important. More just a curiosity to me to see how my pace is change has my fitness changes. I do like your idea though and I’ve done it to an extent based on routes that I’m familiar with. So far I’m kind of leaning toward my GPS but I’m not sure if that’s just vanity as it appears to give me a slightly faster average pace. Or even just that I’ve been using a GPS watch for 8 or 9 years and so that pacing seems more consistent to what I’m used to.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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