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Subscription Access to New Workouts

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    Will the Gold and Silver Subscription options have access to the new workouts that were just announced over the Christmas holidays?

    Also, does the subscription allow for customization of the plan? For example, if an athlete choses a plan but decides to swap a workout with one in the library. I’m assuming this is possible for both Gold and Silver subscriptions?


    David Warden

    Curtis, yes to both. We just finished moving the 1500+ new workouts into the existing 80/20 Workout folders, which are included in the subscription.

    And yes, one of the big advantages of the subscription is the ability to train by HR, Pace or Power for any given workout at any time. You just drag and drop the workout from the library to the calendar.



    Hi David. Jumping into this post to follow up with a similar question. Are Tri plans updated as well and is it worth reloading tri plans to follow the new workouts?.


    David Warden

    Tri plans are updated, but they are very small changes, not an overhaul. Some plans have no changes at all, most plans have cosmetic polish, updated comments with more clarity, but you’d find it almost identical. If you are part-way through the plan, I would not change it, wait until you use it for your next race.

    The new workouts are exclusively new run workouts, and those new run workouts are only in the run plans at this time. The tri plans will include them later this year. It’s was a half-year process to overhaul the run plans… the tri plans will take up to a year!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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