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    I’m a long term customer of the 80/20 training plans and have accumulated the plans I need to prepare for the distances I run.

    However, I fully appreciate the need to customize the plans and create off-season plans to meet my personal needs. The subscription services appear to provide the flexibility I need to explore (for lack of a better description) advanced customization.

    Specifically, would a subscription service allow me to:
    1. Drag and drop workouts from the workout library to substitute heart rate / pace/ power workout into the subscription plan I have applied?
    2. Create my own plan to bridge between race plans from the workout library?
    3. Add plans from my current library to extend my racing season? (My understanding is that I can only apply one plan at a time with the subscription service).


    Hi Charles,
    Thanks for considering our subscription services.
    Short answer is yes to all of your 3 points above. These are all possible under the subscription service. For after your events we can add in a maintenance and strength plan for instance to extend your season for you.

    Your subscription includes access to all 80/20 training plans for the life of your subscription, but only one plan can be applied at a time with the exception of the premium strength and maintenance plans which can be applied in addition to any run or triathlon plan. You will not be able to access previously used plans after your subscription ends.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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