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Substituting the Long Run with a Hike

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    So I privately emailed David about switching my Long Run for a Long Hike before I realized there was a forum to post this stuff too. Anyway, for full transparency I have attached the correspondence in case anybody has a similar question or anything else to add.

    In two weekends from now, I have a recovery run followed by a long run (29k). This is also a weekend that I have a long hike planned (22km). I am debating whether or not I should replace the long run with the hike, or should I try and shift the long run to be early in the following week? I fear shifting the long run so that I have two long runs in one week may be too much training load but I would like to get your opinion.

    This is a tough one. Is it possible to extend your hike from 22 to 29km? That would be my first recommendation.

    If not, yes, move the long run to mid-week and take the next 2-3 days off until your hike, as the hike will make up for the mid-week volume.


    David Warden

    Curtis, above and beyond expectations! Thank you for being willing to share your question.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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