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    Mostly because I did it this morning for the first time after getting by lazy arse back in the pool, I thought I’d share my favorite swim workout set which dates back some 40 years to my competitive days. Coach called them gutbusters.

    Not sure how it would classify in the 80/20 library. Perhaps Speedplay is the closest fit. You can adjust it for whatever distances you want. So you can do it by 25s, 50s, 100s, whatever. Simply adjust the rest times. Our usual set was in groups of 50s broken down by each 25 lap. Thinking of things in lengths of 25 is goes:

    Hard-Hard (rest)
    Easy-Hard (rest)
    Easy-Easy (rest)
    Hard-Hard (rest)

    So, this morning’s set looked like this:

    50 Z4 – 15 sec. rest (I do the hards borderline Z5 if not in Z5 according to my latest CV test.)
    25 Z1, 25 Z5 – 10 sec. rest (Z1 vs. Z2 is debatable. Not sure which fits the 80/20 philosophy best. Back in the day the easy would be Z2.)
    50 Z1 – 5 sec. rest
    50 Z5 – 15 sec. rest

    If I do it by 100s I simply double the rest time. Very rarely do I do it by 25s. A set by 100s would look like
    100 Z4 – 30 sec. rest
    50 Z1 – 50 Z4 20 sec. rest

    Total workout this morning was 1500Y
    250 Z1
    5 gutbusters
    250 Z1

    For me, I always set a target time for the Z4 50s. My current threshold is 1:28/100. I target < 40s for all my Z4(Z5) 50s.

    Anyway. Give it a try if your looking for something new.


    As a note, I was vacillating on the Z4/Z5 thing and noticed I used a mix in trying to put zones to describing my set. Just think in terms of hard and easy and decide what each of those means individually in terms of zones.

    Perhaps Matt of Dave could chime in on what they feel the appropriate zone targets would be.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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