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Swim Workout – How can I add my daily swim workout to TP

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    Is there a way how I can analyze my performance after each swim?
    In other words: is there a way to compare (analyze) my actual performance to what I was supposed to do? This has helped me immensely for my runs and rides. I got my first swim in today and it seems like my performance was recorded by no info for the target zones in my training session was shown.

    Thanks for clarifying.


    David Warden


    The swim analysis should provide you with the same features as the bike and run. For example, see one of my athletes recent SMI1 workout, a complex workout. You can see that the athlete first followed the structure of the workout. The peaks and valleys of the actual (green lines) follow the planned (blue graph).


    Additionally, the distribution of intensity matches the description. The SMI1 is 1750 yards, with 500 in Zone 3 and 250 in Zone 4. You can see that the athlete spent 26 minutes at Zone 1 Zone 2 (the first 4 bars), and 12 minutes at Zone 3 or higher. A practically perfect execution.


    If you don’t see these charts when you click on Analyze, it may be that your device is not tracking pace.



    Hi David,

    Thanks for clarifying.
    This was odd: for some reason the workout was hidden – but it showed up when I hit the blue button (with the column bars). I am looking forward to see if this was just because it was by first swim workout on TP…. I certainly will let you know.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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