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Switch from 10k Lvl 2 – Marathon

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    I’ll start with a huge thank you for the great amount of success I have had following the 10k lvl 2 plan. I was previously going nowhere with my running, could not improve my horrible run times, and was constantly getting injured for no gains (especially with the Run Less Run Faster programming which led to a dual case of PF that took me almost 3 years to fully overcome).

    I went with the 10k plan to focus on my military 10k time, but additionally ran my 2nd Half Marathon a few days ago 40 minutes faster than a Half I ran 10 months ago without a proper training plan.

    I am 2 weeks out from completing my second iteration of the 10k Lvl 2 plan and would like to move into the marathon plans. I average about 25mi/week currently on the 10k plan while incorporating 3x strength and 3x swim sessions. Additionally, though I have dealt with the PF in the past I feel very resilient after doing the 10k plan twice, and have had no major injury issues of late.

    All this being said, would you feel comfortable with me jumping straight to the lvl 2 Marathon plan or should I start lower than that? I feel like I am fully ready to increase my volume and am comfortable lowering the volume of my strength and swim work as running my first marathon this summer/fall is my priority.

    David Warden


    Thanks for sharing your success with us!

    Because we offer the Level Guarantee, and because of your history of injury, I would recommend the Level 1 marathon plan to start. Even if we just stay on that plan for the first 6 weeks, just to make sure that you can manage it, that would be a reasonable compromise.

    Also, for sure the Level 1 with strength training is going to give you better results than the Level 2 without and that strength training reduces risk of injury. So, I recommend the Level 1 to start.



    Thank you for the reply! I am excited to get going on the new plan.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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