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    I recently separated from my long-time team and coach (large, well-known) after realizing a performance plateau and declining direct support. At 49 years old, and after seven years of success at long-course racing (5X 70.3 Worlds, 1X Kona), my needs really boiled down to a tried-and-true build program – not attempts at the latest trends or fads. I don’t need a coach to give “atta-boys” or tell me when to back off a little. In preparation for next season planning, I jumped into your 26-week Elite Ironman build to see if it felt right. Bingo. Already seeing improved performance and durability (especially on the run, my former strength). I will be backing off at this point to your maintenance plan until it is time to start the build again towards Ironman Tulsa. I’ll do so with confidence that your plan will get me back to the tip of the spear in my age group. Also, the fact that you offer the maintenance plan at no charge speaks volumes about your character and commitment to this sport and your athletes. Thank you!

    David Warden

    RK, thank you for the kind comments. Made my day, and Matt sends his thanks as well. Obviously, you deserve the bulk of the credit for doing the work, but thank you for trusting the system. I’ll be reaching out to you directly to see if you would be interested in being the subject of one of our upcoming Athlete Spotlights.

    Matt and I feel that we hit the lottery with the 80/20 system. But is was a lottery that had only one ticket. The data was there, for anyone to pick up and run with. This is how the best athletes in the world train. Whether on purpose or by accident, when the data was collected, the best athletes used 80/20. We just found a way to tell the story (and commercialize it)!



    I would like to add my thanks to this thread.

    Yesterday I ran an actual marathon race, with staggered starts, at Dorney Lake in England and I used the 80/20 TrainingPeaks level 2 pace plan.

    I used the level 2 plan for a half marathon last November and beat my PB, so I was looking forward to putting it into action for the full marathon.

    There were lots of hiccups along the way, with cancellations in spring and then another cancellation in September when I had reached the taper. But I extended the plan by three weeks and got a 7-minute PB yesterday!

    I have always hit the wall in the past and, although I had to slow a little in the final 6 miles yesterday, I felt in total control and the plan gave me the confidence to finish at that pace.

    I got a 3:08, which is a BQ by 12 minutes! Now I have to work out if I can actually get to Boston!

    Thank you very much.


    David Warden

    Dean, this is just great to hear, and way to represent! Thanks for sharing this with us. 7 minutes is big time! I’ll also be reaching out to you for an athlete spotlight request! This story should be shared with more athletes.



    Thanks David. I’m happy to share the story!


    Glad to find this thread as wanted to thank as well.

    Have been using the plans for a couple of years and have always worked very well for me! I recommend the plans to all the training/racing friends I have.

    Using Level 3 Ironman this year, not only set a PB in 70.3 (4hr45m) but then 2 weeks later set a PB in a full Ironman (10hr30) and qualified for Kona 2021 (5th in my AG).

    Trained well for 9 months, no injuries and consistent steady improvement without over training by following the plan!

    now have 12months to prepare for Kona and 🤞 it goes ahead!

    David Warden

    Wow, what a wonderful thread! It just made my day (again) to see such kind comments. Keep up the good work, and Matt and I are committed to continually updating your plans as we learn more and more, so that you always get the best results possible.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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