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Time in between plans during COVID?

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    Hey David,

    I purchased the 80/20 running book and followed the Marathon plan, I did not follow it exactly as I was training for a 50k. I cut some of the mid-week runs shorter and then extended the long run.

    I also raced a 30k in Feb that went very well and did a mini taper + recovery.

    I was planning to run a 50k in May which has been canceled. I am at week 16 now and am wondering what to do? I started at 15 miles a week and peaked at 31. I ran 5 out of the 6 days due to playing paintball on Sundays. One rest day.

    I was planning to race the 50k, take a month off, and then start training for a 50-mile race. Since I am no longer racing and things are so up in the air, do you have any suggestions?

    Lastly, I am feeling a bit over-trained on the long runs. Especially on the downhills.

    David Warden

    Anakin, so sorry to hear about your cancellation. First, consider reviewing our document How to Modify Your Training Right Now which covers various athlete during the COVID 19 crisis. You fall into scenario 2.

    Consider completing your event as a virtual/solo race anyway, if you can. You’re so close, just another few weeks of training before the taper and you’re there. Your plan to take a month off after is perfect as well.

    Because you are feeling over trained, particularly downhills, I recommend replacing 1-2 hours of mid-week running with strength training, particularly single leg press or single leg squats and leg extensions. It sounds like your eccentric muscle contraction, or just general with-gravity support needs to be a bit shored up. This has the benefit of reducing running, while at the same time targeting the particular weakness without having to run.



    Hey David,

    Awesome thank you for all the info and sorry I missed that article. I greatly appreciate the quick response!!

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