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Total noob looking for help

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    This year I’ve been running a lot and trying to loose weight/run a marathon. It’s always been a life goal and instead of thinking about it I wanna do it. I am currently reading the book 80/20 as well as doing the two week trial of the 80/20 marathon level 1. Wanted to make sure I was on the right page before buying the plan, totally plan on doing that. Issue is, even after reading the resource page, I am at a total loss. I am a 36 year old male, weighing around 250 pounds. 4 months ago when I started fasting and running I was close to 277 pounds. I have been running around 6 miles or more on my long day and around a 3.1 or so miles on my short easy runs and a little less on my interval days.

    Just wanted to get a little background info in to make sure we are all on the same page. The issue I am having is staying in the right zone. I put the 80/20 zone data screen on my Garmin Fenix 6. My garmin is constantly telling me I am not running fast enough (it keeps going by pace) but I am supposted to stay in zone 2. I am having a hard enough time even getting myself into zone 2, keep ending in ZY or Z3. I am not even sure I have the zone system set up right and I am constantly confused by all the information given to me.

    Tools I own and use on my runs.
    Garmin Fenix 6 pro.
    Garmin HRM-PRO (I am actually getting this in the mail today because I read it reads heart rate better.)
    Stryd Pod.

    So I guess I am looking for some simplification into training for a marathon. Everyone I am reading about the 80/20 method seems like it would be great for me but I am wondering if I am too out of shape to use it as it always wants my pace to be faster. The reason I went with Marathon training 1 and not 0 was it was closer to the amount of time I like to run in a week.


    Okay. I think I got the watch settings finally correct so it wont be beeping at me the whole time saying I am going too slow. I am still not sure if I am right on all my numbers but I will attempt training at this. Pace is the harder one to go by and that is what the watch is working off of.

    David Warden


    Congratulations on your marathon goal! This is gonna change your life.

    The Resources page can be daunting. Let me recommend we break down your 80/20 introduction into 4 specific steps. Before I do, let me comment on the Garmin alerts and zones. The Garmin alerts (beeps) and zones are completely independent from the 80/20 structured workouts delivered to you device. The alerts are based on Garmin zones, not 80/20 zones. There is no way to link alerts to any structured workout on a Garmin for any plan on TrainingPeaks. So, you just need to turn the alerts off or they will throw you off. You don’t need to run any faster, Garmin is misleading you.

    So, to slim down the “need to know” of 80/20, read:

    1. Read the Getting Started with 80/20 Training plus the Q&A. This will answer a ton of the most common questions.
    2. Read Understanding Your 80/20 Run Plan.
    3. Read Intensity Guidelines for Running.
    4. And, the one I think you’ll benefits from the most is Understanding Your TrainingPeaks Structured Workout Plan, plus the Q&A at the end. This is where you will nail down your correct zones in TrainingPeaks to ensure you are training correctly.

    But, with any specific questions, post ’em here!



    I am a Noob also.
    I am reading the Run Heart Rate section and it states to do the Pace test, when i go to that test and go into the Calculator it says if I have the electronic version that i dont have to do this test??
    My question is do I do the pace test or not and if not do I do the LTHR test. My plan starts next Monday so I am doing all my test this week to prepare.


    David Warden

    Jon, I see what you mean. The “is not necessary” part is because if you have an electronic plan you would use the 80/20 Zone calculator within your TrainingPeaks settings and you don’t need the website calculator. Its not that the calculation is not necessary, it’s that the website calculator is not necessary because you have the 80/20 zones already within your TrainingPeaks plan. However, I see why that is confusing and I removed the section about “is not necessary.” Thanks for helping us make our documentation better.

    I recommend performing the 30-minute test and capturing both your LTHR and threshold within the same test. You can then have both Pace and HR zones and can choose which one to use. I recommend Pace over HR.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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