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    Hi all.
    I’m long period user of 80/20 plans, and would like to say, that it’s the best way to get the real results. I was training preciously Half marathon power based using stryd. Now I’m going to switch to Olympic Thriathlon Power based for running(using stryd) and bike(using tacx neo 2 indoor).
    So, there are several questions:
    1) Stryd released few weeks ago Stryd training plans, and also ability to export training plans from TrainingPeaks. I would like to import my plan(run power part) into Stryd app and use Stryd Iq app on fenix 5X plus.
    Stryd has 5 power zones, 80/20 has 7 zones.
    Is there any method to adopt/match 80/20 zones into stryd zones?
    2) Can i export/sync TP plan(bike power part) into Zwift?

    Sorry for my english, im not native speaker:)

    David Warden


    Your English is just fine!

    – Can you clarify “Stryd released few weeks ago Stryd training plans…” Can you send me the URL for these plans? I can’t find them. Once you clarify, I think I can answer the first part of your question.
    – Stryd Zones and 80/20 Zones are close, but not compatible. You really need to commit to a system: either use Stryd Zones 100% or 80/20 Zones 100%. Stryd Zones are great, too!
    – Yes, for sure you can export your 80/20 bike workouts into Zwift. See




    Also their update have brought an option to export training plan from TrainingPeaks to Stryd app. Actually, the main question is, which zones should i use, after exporting the workout? Because, if i will use Stryd zones, which based on my CP(auto-cp), my speed goes down for approx 1.5m/km compared to TrainingsPeaks figures.
    I’m doing protocols(Vance’s) approx every 2-3 months, so my power zones in training peaks are pretty accurate.
    Kind regards.

    David Warden

    RR, thank you for confirming those plans. I thought you meant that Stryd had created plans for export, not just PDF plans.

    The real answer is this: if you choose the 80/20 system, use the 80/20 zones and testing protocols. If you use the Stryd system, use the Stryd zones. Their CP is going to be different from 80/20 threshold pace. You really can’t mix and match.

    And this the bigger problem with Stryd CP, Stryd does not define what CP actually is. Check out their definition of CP. “Critical Power is the threshold at which the dominant type of fatigue your body experiences changes.” Huh? Is that CP10? CP20, CP30? CP60? At 80/20, we are crystal clear: LT is the intensity which you can maintain for 30 minutes (CP30). Because I don’t know what Stryd CP is, I can’t begin to map it to 80/20. And even if I did know, I probably would not try to map it to CP, as 80/20 can independently exist without Stryd CP.



    David, here is another question. I gave up using stryd app(mobile/iOS) and downloaded 80/20 running data field to Fenix 5x Plus. Linked training peaks to garmin connect. Now i can get my daily workouts directly to watch.
    In training peaks my treshhold set to 330w. Customized 7 different zones according to 80/20.
    Same has been done in Garmin watch: Setting->User Profile->Power zones->Based on watts FTP.

    Training peaks zones:
    1 – 165-251
    2 – 251 – 290
    X – 290-310
    3 – 310-330
    Y – 330-340
    4 – 340-396
    5 – 396+

    Watch zones:
    1 – 165-251
    2 – 251 – 290
    3 – 290-310
    4 – 310-330
    5 – 330-340
    6 – 340-396
    7 – 396+


    So, i start running, after 5 min warm up in zone 1, i start moving to zone 2. I’m also using stryd data field. So, using 80/20 it vibrates at 280watts and says that i’m inside the zone X, but when i switch back to stryd data field, i can excatly see that i’m still in zone 2, based on my test results and ftp filled in Training peaks.

    How to fix this issue in 80/20 data field to get accurate power zones?

    Sent from my iPhone

    David Warden


    OK, I think I understand what is happening here. There is no alert feature with structured workouts. TP does not send any alert to the device. But, Garmin does allow you set an alert, but that alert is not linked to the workout or your custom zone. It just happens that your alert is set to somewhere in the middle of Zone 2.

    And, you can only set one upper and one lower alert in Garmin, you can’t set it to alert you when you are outside of a particular zone segment for a workout. The technology is just not there yet.

    If you are going to use an alert, I’d set it at the bottom of Zone X. That way you’ll know when you are drifting into Zone X. The disadvantage is that when you do intervals, it will alert you constantly.

    I find it is best to just turn the alerts off altogether and check the device frequently.


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