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TP sudden change????

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    Curry Gallagher

    For the first time in my 5 weeks using training peaks my structured run workouts are suddenly using HR instead of pace.

    i dont think i changed anything in the settings so not sure why this happened.

    i submitted a ticket to TP, but is anyone else experiencing this?

    anyone know a quick fix?


    Curry Gallagher

    Its also now using default heart rate for bike instead of the specific 80/20 hr that i set up when i started.

    David Warden

    Curry, let me take a look. If you attach yourself to our TP account at I’ll check out the plan.


    Curry Gallagher

    Thanks, will do.

    Is it because I am not a premium member? My free premium trials dropped off two weeks ago so I’m not sure why this issue would just kick in now.


    Quick fix – If you click into the workout in TP, then click on the blue blocks, at the top right of the builder screen that pops up – change the units to whatever you wanted so % threshold pace in your case.
    You would have to do this with each workout though , but it will get you through a few days while things are being investigated 🙂

    David Warden


    Is not related to your Premium status, those features are part of TP Basic.

    A couple of things:
    – Run threshold HR had ben set to 0, I changed it to 160. That should have nothing to do with the issue, but I fixed it anyway.
    – There was only Default Run and Bike HR, no specific Run and Bike HR. I created a specific Bike and Run HR set them both to 160 (you’ll want to verify that).

    I now cannot duplicate the problem with your workouts.

    TP just does weird stuff when only Default zones are set. What I changed should have nothing to do with what you saw, but now it’s working.


    Curry Gallagher

    Thanks for your help david (and martin). I had to take care of some work stuff (stupid work always getting in the way of triathlon stuff) and am just getting back to checking in.

    I was playing around in zones and had set that one area to zero after this issue happened, it hadn’t been like that before.

    I had changed my bike hr zones yesterday after completing CT31 and all was changed and fine. i changed my swim threshold today after stt1 and thats seems to be when things went haywire.

    anyhow, whatever you did worked and all is back to normal. thanks so much!!!!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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