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Training after that big race?

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    Hi All,

    My question is after doing my 8020 Half Marathon or Marathon plan what’s next after that big race?

    What’s the recommended week or 5 training immediately after that big race the 8020 way?

    Those 2 above plans just stop so not sure should i do recovery run next day or cross train? How much running the following week like reduction percentage or straight back on the horse?

    I have reread 8020 Running but can’t say I’ve picked up on that aspect.


    David Warden

    Alan, this is certainly a gap in our 80/20 literature, and as I think about it a common question. We’ll get something formal to address this.

    In general, we recommend the following:

    – After a half marathon, no running for a week. Maybe 2-4 hours of cross-training as you feel, but taking the week completely off would be just fine.

    – After a marathon, no running for two weeks, again 2-4 hours a week of cross-training as you feel. Taking the first week completely off would be acceptable.

    If you have another event taking place less than 8 weeks after the marathon, the two weeks recovery can be compressed down to one week, but use those exceptions wisely.



    Thanks David. Good to know for the future.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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