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Training Blocks for my training plan

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    I have the full ironman training plan. I am not able to locate the following information.

    For each week on the training plan — the training block name, the week in the block and if it is a recovery week. If I can get that on the website and type it into my plan I would find it helpful.
    I want to know when I am in base, build and peak.

    David Warden

    D, I can get you that. Can you confirm the Level you are on (0-3) as the blocks are different for each level.


    Thanks, for offering to help with information David.
    I am on this plan for Coeur de Alene

    80/20 Triathlon: 2021 IRONMAN® Level 3 (Pace and Power, 7 to 19 Hours per Week)
    23 Weeks


    I am on weeks 17 and 18 of the plan. I totaled up the hours for the runs and bikes. I then looked at the time in zones. At this stage it is emphasizing more zone 1 and 2 . Is that right? I would not expect 20 % higher intensity?

    Week Date Workout Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 total
    17 10-May CF10 25 35 60
    17 10-May RC13 22 10 32 64
    17 11-May CRE13 120 120
    17 12-May RAe12 90 45 135
    17 13-May CCI6 22 10 40 72
    17 15-May Cae16 150 180 330
    17 15-May Rae1 29 30 59
    458 310 72 0 0 840
    54.52% 36.90% 8.57%

    18 17-May CF11 40 50 90
    18 17-May RCI3 22 10 32 64
    18 18-May CRe13 120 120
    18 19-May RAe9 90 60 150
    18 20-May CCI6 22 10 40 72
    18 22-May CAe17 165 180 345
    18 22-May Rae1 29 30 59
    18 459 310 72 0 0 841
    54.58% 36.86% 8.56%

    David Warden

    D, thank you.

    First, everything I’m describing here is in our book, 80/20 Triathlon. Not proposing you have to buy it, but pointing out that we cover a lot more detail in a 300-page book than we can in a 23-week electronic plan. If you’re looking for answers to these questions and many others, the book has it all. The level of detail you’re asking for probably warrants getting the book.

    We don’t adopt the Friel definitions of periodization. We don’t use Base, Build and Peak, we use General, Specific, and Taper. They are really close, but a bit different.

    In your IM Level 3 plan, the General (aligns closest to Base) phase is weeks 1-12 and Specific is weeks 13 to 21 (aligns closest to Build) with a 2-week Taper.

    Rest weeks are the weeks with notably lower volume, in your plan they are weeks 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20.

    Regarding the intensity balance distribution, this is difficult to cover here. We have a whole chapter on it (Chapter 8) in the book and need every word to cover the topic, so I can’t do it justice here.

    For may intervals, the recovery portion is included in the total time at intensity. For example, the CCI6 is not 22 10 40, it’s 10 10 52 (see Appendix B of the book). This is how the intensity was calculated in the research, and we duplicate this in our workouts.

    Additionally, for some athletes, IM and 70.3 racing actually takes place in Zone X, Zone X is terrible for improving fitness, but it turns out it’s ideal for 70.3 racing and some IM athletes. Therefore, if you plan on racing in Zone X, of course you need to train in Zone X. We don’t know which athletes will and won’t choose to race in Zone X, so we reduce the 80/20 ratios to 87/13 and 88/12 in Weeks 17 and 18 which only apply IF they were to stay in Zone 2 for the RAe and CAe workouts. If you use some Zone X in your RAe and CAe workouts, then you’ll get very close to 80/20 for weeks 17 and 18 (this applies to Weeks 17-21).

    Again, this forum can’t do this particular complex topic justice.


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