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Training metrics to capture

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    What training metrics do you capture separately to monitor you progress?
    (Total time, time in z1-2, time in z3-5, average power in certain zone, power pace to find out if you are more efficient, pace hr to see if you can run faster with lower hr (means stroke volume improved). what else…ground contact time. nutrition (DQS score). resting hr. hours of sleep)


    Hi – To capture progress I look at my Swim, bike and run fitness tests. If my run or FTP goes up I know I have improved because I am either generating more power or going faster! The rest to me is following the 80/20 plan and checking that I am approximately in the right training zones.



    Yes, it is the same for me at the moment. I thought I would educate myself more about my trainings and try to listen more what the data is telling me. So many gadgets capturing everything.


    Hi – yes there are a lot of gadgets out there! And I think it can be overwhelming! I try and keep it simple – the training peaks structured workouts really help me on that – either with biking or running. The key for me is to focus on making the easy days easy so that I can do quality workouts on the hard days.

    Good luck


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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