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Training Peaks ATP and 80/20 Training Plans

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    Just a comment. Like everyone else my races are canceled, and so, I am laying out contingencies for a race postponed until the fall.

    I’ve decided to train through my current plan (10K L2 Pace) and do a guided threshold test in leu of a race. I laid in the maintenance plan, and the 10K plan, and that takes me to roughly to date I anticipate the postponed race to occur.

    It is necessary to manually enter weekly TSS scores into the ATP – I wish TP would do this automatically, it’s not rocket science. Nevertheless, it is worth the effort.

    Two observations from my effort:

    The longest run in the maintenance plan is one hour. Training Peaks workout builder calculated the average pace for the workout, which allows me to estimate the longest distance for the plan. That confirms to me that I will have met the 80/20 recommendations for the 10K Level 2 plan. A faster runner would no doubt meet the prerequisites for the Level 3 plan.

    I will arrive at the new race at the same fitness levels I am today. I will see a steady decline in fitness over the entire period of the 12-week maintenance plan. As a result I will restart the 10k plan a lower fitness that I started the current plan. TSS Ramp Rates are pretty much the same for both 10k training segments, only one week is higher, and well within the ramp rates I know from experience that I can handle. The maintenance period is a good time to work on the strength plan – I have found the strength exercises difficult to master and welcome the opportunity to give the plan more energy. I would love to see videos of the strength exercises.

    Training Peaks and the 80/20 Training Plans never cease to amaze me, very well thought out and for me have proven to be effective. A remarkable combination.

    David Warden

    Charles, just a few comments back:

    – Your 10K plan to a threshold test is a great idea.
    – Yes, CTL will likely decline over 12 weeks of the Maintenance plan. This is a normal part of elite cyclical training.
    – I just added 50 videos this morning to the Strength Library at Not all exercises have a video, but now 50 do!



    David, thank you. I look forward to viewing the new videos.

    I’m loath to do this, but I think it is time to drop the high TSS workouts for now and move to the maintenance plan.

    The virus is nearing a critical mass and a 20 year old died the other day at a local hospital. I just read the Training Peaks article by Andy Blow “How to Avoid Getting Sick While Training” and it makes sense to me to manage fatigue as the priority for the duration the crisis.

    I notice your own plan mentioned on another thread titled “Maintenance” seems to incorporate the same idea intentional or not. Thank you for sharing your experience.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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